Balmar 97EHD Series Marine Alternator

Code: A
Manufacturer: Balmar
Part No: BAL#97-EHD-xxx-12IG
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Large frame extra heavy duty alternator in 12 and 24 volt versions.

With even more mass and rated output, 97EHDSeries alternators are designed to support substantial battery and service loads demanded by larger recreational, commercial, or military vessels. 97 EHD-Series alternators are available in 185 and 265-amp models in 12 volts, and 190 amps at 24 volts.

  • Cast aluminum finish. 
  • Conventional brush design
  • Case ground. 
  • All models require external regulation. 
  • J-180 mount. 
  • 1-year limited warranty. 
  • ShWt. 20 KG.