Climma Compact 12 Quattro RC

Manufacturer: Veco
Weight: 0.0 kg
Part No: VEC#MC12RCU
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RC version model with heating by reversal of cycle. Self-contained system preloaded with ecological coolant. Suitable for conditioning a single environment or for adjacent environments.


High efficiency rotary compressor with low inrush and operating current. Quiet and powerful fan with continually movable air outlet from horizontal to vertical. Stainless steel base and structure to ensure a long lifetime and resistance in the difficult marine environment. Plastic condensate tray with angled and straight fittings. Standard version with electric heating. As optional also available with reversal of cycle. Remote control panel in mechanical or digital version. A series of different capacity seawater pumps are available according to the installed model. A relay box is also available for connecting various units to the same pump. A wide range of flexible pipes and accessories for air distribution for a flexible and practical installation. A wide choice of wooden, aluminium and plastic grilles for the best aesthetic result with any style of interior design.


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