Jabsco Sensor-Max VSD

Manufacturer: Jabsco
Part No: RWB#J20-13x
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The Sensor-Max constant pressure pumps incorporate the latest technology to give the ultimate in fresh water delivery on board. These silent running energy efficient pumps feature a microprocessor for precise speed control to match the system demand. They don't require a pressure switch or accumulator tank and there is no pump cycling or pipe hammer.

Sensor-Max constant pressure pumps have a variable speed drive to maintain a steady water flow up to 5 outlets simultaneously and up to 17 litres per minute flow. The operation is sensor controlled, featuring a microprocessor for precise speed control to match the system demand. As more water is needed, the motor responds and smoothly adjusts its flow rates as and when outlets such as shower, galley or bathroom taps are switched on providing an even and constant flow of water at a consistent temperature mix. Conversely, as the demand lessens, the motor slows to a "super quiet speed", still maintaining a steady system pressure. The result is an unbelievably steady home-like flow.

Sensor-Max pumps are not "voltage conscious" therefore the same unit can be installed on either a 12 or 24 volt DC system. Two models are available. Both pumps are supplied with a filter and straight snap-in ports : 2 x 1/2" threaded, 2 x 12mm hose tail. Optional port kits, see left.

  • Ultimate freshwater delivery on board. Backed by 3 year warranty
  • Unique constant water pressure - no pressure switch
  • High flow 4 chamber diaphragm pump - self primes to 3 metres
  • Flow up 17 litres per minute, 5 outlets. Max water temperature 70o C
  • Heavy duty ignition and thermal protected motor - suits both 12 and 24V

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