Jabsco V-Flo 5.0 Freshwater Pressure Pump Kit - 12 Volt - 19LPM - 40PSI

Manufacturer: ITT Jabsco
Part No: RWB#J20-170
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Jabsco V-Flo 5.0 Freshwater Pump Kit

12 Volt - 19LPM - 40PSI Incl. Filter and Fittings (J20-170)

Jabsco V Flo 5.0 Freshwater Pump Kit

JABSCO’S V-FLO variable flow, constant pressure fresh water pumps now feature the revolutionary new DiMOND technology designed to automatically diagnose and monitor all aspects of your pump’s performance to prevent system failure.  DiMOND incorporates eight specific modules designed to Monitor, Protect and Prevent – allowing you to evaluate and respond to the problem before the pump or your boat are damaged.

The DiMOND technology automatically runs diagnostics to detect common failures such as run dry, plumbing leaks, over current, under current, low voltage and over voltage.  If the diagnostic discovers a problem, the pump will stop to safeguard your pump and water system, identify the root cause, and provide the data you need to solve the problem.  This is shown on indicator lights on the on/off switch provided with the pump.

V-FLO is powered by a new variable speed drive that delivers the exact amount of water flow needed to perform a variety of onboard delivery tasks.  Since the pump is constantly monitoring water flow and electrical current, it automatically adjusts itself as needed, ensuring that your systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 19 litres per minute (5 G.P.M) flow
  • 4 chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump
  • Self priming up to 3 metres suction lift
  • Operating pressure 40 PSI
  • DiMOND technology provides consistent water pressure
  • Up to 50% less power consumption
  • Learns the boat’s water pressure system to improve performance


  • V-FLO pump
  • Plug-in universal strainer
  • A variety of snap-in port hose fittings.

Available in 12 and 24 Volt versions.


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