Raymarine Raystar 130 GPS antenna (STng) - E32153

Manufacturer: Raymarine
Part No: RAY#E32153
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New 50 channel GPS receiver for direct Seatalk ng connection or with a NMEA-2000 adapter cable. Will work with any NMEA-2000 certified system.

Key Features

  • STng / NMEA 2000 (certified) connectivity
  • Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) enabled.
  • <3m accuracy typical, <5m accuracy guaranteed
  • Very high sensitivity: -162dBm
  • 50 channel GPS receiver
  • Low power: 50mA (1 LEN)
 RS130 standard connection

RS130 Extended Connection

   NMEA2000 Plug and play

STng - Standard Connection


STng - Extended Connection


Plug and play: NMEA 2000

  1. SeaTalkng GPS receiver
  2. SeaTalkng spur cable
  3. SeaTalkng T-piece. You can also use a 5-way connector block.
  4. SeaTalkng backbone

Note: A terminator must be fitted at each end of the SeaTalkngbackbone.

  1. SeaTalkng GPS receiver
  2. SeaTalkng spur cable
  3. SeaTalkng inline terminator (part A80001 - sold separately)
  4. SeaTalkng backbone
  1. SeaTalkng GPS receiver
  2. SeaTalkng to DeviceNet adaptor cable (male - part number A06046 or female - part number A06045 version as appropriate)
  3. DeviceNet cable (sold separately)

Choose your display option to find out if you need an external GPS and how to connect a RS130 to your system:





Do you require a GPS?


A Series

(A50/A50D, A57/A57D, A70/A70D)

Typically you do not require an external GPS because your Multifunction Display incorporates an integrated GPS receiver. 

However, there are some circumstances when you may require an external GPS - for example within a steel wheelhouse where the Multifunction Display will not receive GPS signals. 

If in doubt, please contact Outback Marine.

New e Series

(e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125, e127)

New c Series

(c95, c97, c125, c127)

C Series Widescreen(C90W, C120W, C140W)
E Series Widescreen(E90W, E120W, E140W) The E Series Widescreen displays do not have an integrated GPS and therefore require an RS130 connected via a SeaTalkng backbone.

C Series Classic

(C80, C120)

Raymarine Classic Multifunction Displays require a SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter to connect an RS130. Find out more.

E Series Classic

(E80, E120)


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