Rutland 914i Wind Generator

Manufacturer: Marlec
Part No: RUT#WG914i
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Marlec are proud to announce their latest innovation in micro wind
turbines, the Rutland 914i Windcharger which intelligently uses Maximum
Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to optimise the generator
operation to perfectly match the speed of the turbine thereby achieving
a highly efficient and reliable power output.


  • Delivers more ampere hours per day. Produces up to 30% more energy than Marlec's highly successful and market leading 913 model
  • Uses the very latest technology and features Marlec's innovative new MPPT system
  • Same compact size yet almost 3 times more powerful. The first 910mm diameter Rutland turbine produced 50W @ 10m/s (19 knots) and on the 914i it now produces a power rating of 140W @ 11m/s. Amazing
  • Aerodynamically styled
  • Extremely quiet and smooth in operation
  • Rutlands have over 30 years world wide sailing experience and have been used on sailing yachts because they give their owners total peace of mind and complete confidence.

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