Sarca Stainless Steel Bowsprit

Manufacturer: Sarca
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Sarca Bow Sprits or fair leads are unique to Anchorright’s products, they come in a variety of sizes and suit all anchor designs.

Bow sprits not only properly secure or house your anchor but allow for free falling when launching and correct alignment upon retrieving.

  • Self launching
  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Designed for max strength and durability
  • Self rights the anchor on retrieval
  • Rollers easy removed and replaced
  • Heavy duty threaded thumb screw for anchor removal (note: this only applies to Bowsprit range up to W3-4)
  • Dual roller prevents bruising & chaffing of the anchor rope
  • It's design suits or can be adapted to most boats
  • Wide ranges of sizes available
  • 3 years warranty (excluding rollers)

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