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Outback Marine provides system design, manufacturing and product solutions for marine, mobile and off grid applications. Our expertise covers electrical, electronics, refrigeration, desalination and air conditioning for boats, trucks, caravans, mobile homes, camping trailers and off grid accomodation. You can find our products anywhere that requires living away from the power grid.

The company is located in Arundel on the northern Gold Coast. Owned and operated  by electrical engineers, Outback Marine excels at providing solutions to get the job done right the first time at a fair and reasonable price.

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Australia wide delivery - competitive pricing - installation support.

Image Part No Name Price
CableCap .475 x.130 Stud Red BSS#4008 CableCap .475 x.130 Stud Red $5.00
CableCap .475 x.130 Stud Blk BSS#4009 CableCap .475 x.130 Stud Blk $5.00
CableCap .700 x.300 Stud Red BSS#4010 CableCap .700 x.300 Stud Red $5.00
CableCap .700 x.300 Stud Blk BSS#4011 CableCap .700 x.300 Stud Blk $5.00
CableCap 1 x.500 Stud Red BSS#4012 CableCap 1 x.500 Stud Red $5.00
CableCap 1 x.500 Stud Blk BSS#4013 CableCap 1 x.500 Stud Blk $5.00
CableCap 1.25 x.700 Stud Red BSS#4014 CableCap 1.25 x.700 Stud Red $5.00
CableCap 1.25 x.700 Stud Blk BSS#4015 CableCap 1.25 x.700 Stud Blk $5.00
Fuse Holder 3AG Water Resistant BSS#5021 Fuse Holder 3AG Water Resistant $5.00
Switch Rocker SPST On-Off BSS#7480 Switch Rocker SPST On-Off $5.00
Contura Mounting Panel Center BSS#8266 Contura Mounting Panel Center $5.00
Contura Mounting Panel End BSS#8267 Contura Mounting Panel End $5.00
Contura Actuator Removal Tool BSS#8293 Contura Actuator Removal Tool $5.00
Fuse ATM 5 Piece Kit BSS#5286 Fuse ATM 5 Piece Kit $5.00
16 sq mm BV Series Tinned LSZH Power Cable TRI#BV16BK 16 sq mm BV Series Tinned LSZH Power Cable $8.70
Twin 4.0 sq mm Solar Cable ELK#SC56032 Twin 4.0 sq mm Solar Cable $5.95
12VDC Socket Mounting Bracket 1011 BSS#1014 12VDC Socket Mounting Bracket 1011 $6.00
Lug 8 AWG 1/2 SingleCrimp 2Pk BSS#2214 Lug 8 AWG 1/2 SingleCrimp 2Pk $6.00
Lug 6 AWG 1/2 SingleCrimp 2Pk BSS#2219 Lug 6 AWG 1/2 SingleCrimp 2Pk $6.00
Lug 4 AWG 3/8 SingleCrimp 2Pk BSS#2223 Lug 4 AWG 3/8 SingleCrimp 2Pk $6.00
Splice 8 AWG 2Pk BSS#2320 Splice 8 AWG 2Pk $6.00
Splice 6 AWG 2Pk BSS#2321 Splice 6 AWG 2Pk $6.00
Terminal Block/Ind 4circ 20A BSS#2404 Terminal Block/Ind 4circ 20A $6.00
Cover MiniBus 2304/2305 BSS#2713 Cover MiniBus 2304/2305 $6.00
Fuse MAXI 30A BSS#5138 Fuse MAXI 30A $6.00
Fuse MAXI 40A BSS#5139 Fuse MAXI 40A $6.00
Fuse MAXI 50A BSS#5140 Fuse MAXI 50A $6.00
Fuse MAXI 60A BSS#5141 Fuse MAXI 60A $6.00
Switch Battery M Key Replace Red BSS#7900 Switch Battery M Key Replace Red $6.00
LED 12VDC Amber 11/64in BSS#8033 LED 12VDC Amber 11/64in $6.00
LED 120VAC Green 11/64in BSS#8034 LED 120VAC Green 11/64in $6.00
LED Red 11/64in 120VAC BSS#8066 LED Red 11/64in 120VAC $6.00
LED Green 11/64in 230VAC BSS#8134 LED Green 11/64in 230VAC $6.00
LED Red 11/64in 230VAC BSS#8166 LED Red 11/64in 230VAC $6.00
LED Amber 11/64in 230VAC BSS#8167 LED Amber 11/64in 230VAC $6.00
LED Amber 11/64in 120VAC BSS#8169 LED Amber 11/64in 120VAC $6.00
LED Red 11/64in 12VDC BSS#8171 LED Red 11/64in 12VDC $6.00
LED Green 11/64in 12VDC BSS#8172 LED Green 11/64in 12VDC $6.00
Contura Mounting Panel 1pos BSS#8268 Contura Mounting Panel 1pos $6.00
Contura Mounting Panel Plug BSS#8278 Contura Mounting Panel Plug $6.00
Switch Battery M Key Replace Blk BSS#7900200 Switch Battery M Key Replace Blk $6.00
Micro Bulk Cable (per meter - gray) MAR#CG1 Micro Bulk Cable (per meter - gray) $6.00
Fuse MDL 10A Time Delay BSS#5230 Fuse MDL 10A Time Delay $6.00
Fuse MDL 30A Time Delay BSS#5234 Fuse MDL 30A Time Delay $6.00
Fuse MDL 25A Time Delay BSS#5233 Fuse MDL 25A Time Delay $6.00
Fuse MDL 20A Time Delay BSS#5232 Fuse MDL 20A Time Delay $6.00
Fuse MDL 15A Time Delay BSS#5231 Fuse MDL 15A Time Delay $6.00
Fuse Holder ATO/ATC In Line BSS#5064 Fuse Holder ATO/ATC In Line $6.00
Fuse Holder AGC/MDL In Line BSS#5063 Fuse Holder AGC/MDL In Line $6.00
CableCap 1 x 1.25 Stud Red BSS#4004 CableCap 1 x 1.25 Stud Red $6.00
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  Featured Manufacturers

  We choose Raymarine for its leading technology, product reliability and ease of installation. The Raymarine product lines include radar, autopilots, GPS, instruments, fishfinders, communications, and integrated systems. Outback Marine offers both local and remote design, service and installation support for boatbuilders and DIY owners.

Network Multifunction Displays


Chirp Fishfinder


Evolution Autopilot

  Dragonfly 7"

Raymarine multifunction displays network together to show charts, radar images, fishfinder screens, engine and vessel data... Available in sizes from 5.7 in to 15.4 in.


Raymarine's award winning CHIRP DownVision technology gives anglers underwater vision so close to reality, we call it Visionality! And now the new Dragonfly 7"


Thanks to the intelligent EV sensor core, the autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessel’s steering characteristics without any user adjustments. Suits DIY install.

  Victron Energy is an international manufacturer of off-grid, RV and marine power products. They are renowned for feature rich functionality and offer competitively priced, well-designed products which operate reliably in harsh environments.

Multiplus Inverter Chargers


Blue Solar Charge Controllers


Blue Power Battery Chargers

Victron Quattro Inverter Charger   Victron Blue Solar MPPT Controller    Victron IP67 Battery Charger

 MultiPlus inverter chargers support all battery chemistries including Lithium Ion.
A special charge disable input provides support for Lithium BMS systems.


Victron Blue Solar charger products are especially suitable for mobile applications that  can utilise low cost 250 watt grid tie panels for 12 and 24 volt battery systems.


IP67 chargers are safe to use in wet environments. Support for 12 and 24 volt batteries (including Lithium) make it an ideal choice for boats and camper applications.

  Outback Power Systems is an accomplished United States based manufacturer of off grid power products. They have an enviable reputation for reliable product that operates well in harsh environmental conditions - at an affordable price.

Inverter Chargers


Solar Charge Controllers


Energy Storage

Outback power Inverter Charger   Outback Power FM60 FM80    

 Inverter chargers featuring a tough die cast aluminium enclosure design that is impervious to insects and moisture.


MPPT solar controller with rugged aluminium housing and LCD display panel with network capability.


Energy Cell AGM batteries are available with the Outback integrated battery rack.

    Outback Marine has a modern CNC and CO2 laser machining facility for the manufacture of electrical and dash panel assemblies. The manufactured products are highly customisable yet cost little more than standard off the shelf items. The result is a labour saving and professional solution that looks great and matches any installation requirement. Outback Marine provides both local and remote installation and service  support.

Power Distribution Boards


Electrical Panels


Dash Panels

Outback Marine DC Distribution Board   Outback Marine Electrical Panel  

 DC power distribution boards take the complexity out of heavy DC wiring and provide safe circuit protection.


Custom electrical panels feature flexible layout  with a factory finish at affordable pricing.


CNC machined dash panels provide excellent user ergonomics for any boat or mobile vehicle application.

    Blue Sea Systems manufacture a range of electrical power products that are built to last. The company has a complete range of low voltage DC power comonents that carry a lifetime warranty.

Battery Management


Circuit Protection





 The widest range of automatic charging relays, local and remote battery switches, bus bars and power panels.


Circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders and power management modules for marine and automotive.


Analogue and digital panel meters, battery monitors, systems monitoring and dash panel gauges.


Distributed Power and Control


Alternators and Regulators


Alternator Regulators


Empirbus NXT output module features an IP65 weather rating. The NMEA-2000 module has 16 channels that are programmable as inputs or outputs.


Balmar are an established United States company specialising in the manufacture of marine and specialty vehicle high output alternators and regulators.


Ample Power are expert in alternator battery charging technology. The SARV3 alternator regulator ensures a safe and fast charge.

  Veco is a renowned Italian company that has specialised for over 30 years in mobile refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Their quality and reliability easily shows. Their Frigoboat brand offers a complete range of DC refrigeration system components and boxes. The Climma brand includes both direct expansion and chilled water air conditioning systems.

DC Refrigeration Equipment


Stainless Steel Cabinets


Marine Air Conditioning


The Veco Capri 50 condensor set highlights the Frigomatic diffence with stainless steel base, condensor shroud and air extraction plenum.


All 316 stainless steel inside and out. The Frigoboat insulated refrigeration cabinets feature thicker insulation to conserve energy.


The smaller Climma water cooled compact air conditioners are ideal for operation from a battery bank through an inverter.

  AQUA-BASE water makers are manufactured by world leading reverse osmosis water maker SLCE  and are designed specifically for yacht and small commercial charter vessels. For 30 years SLCE has been manufacturing reverse osmosis water makers from their facility in Northern France.

Aqua-Base ECO Energy Recovery


Aqua-Base X Range


Aqua-Base Y Range


Suitable for vessels without generators, the Aqua-Base Eco DC desalination systems use an advanced energy recovery design. Ranging from 35 to 105 litres per hour, the base 12 volt unit draws only 12 amps.


For smaller yachts with AC generators, the X-Range desalinator series offers 60 and 90 litres per hour of output.


The Y-Range watermaker series is designed for continuous operation for applications requiring higher daily production such as charter vessels and offshore platforms. Output ranges from 120 to 300 litres per hour.