Empirbus NXT DCM-11 DC Module[ Functions:16 x dimmer; 16 x volt/ohm;I/O Ports:12 x 10A;Voltage:12 volt ]

  • SKU: EMB.2010101-22
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • I/o Ports: 12 x 10A
  • Functions: 16 x dimmer; 16 x volt/ohm
  • Manufacturer: Empirbus
  • Shipping Weight: 0.00kg

I/o Ports

The DCM-11 module is a 16 channel multifunction DC module. Input channels have clean contact, multi-switch and analog input modes while high side output channels of 10 and 18 amp drive capability feature programmable fusing and PWM output capability.

Master Diagram


  • NMEA 2000 DC Module
  • 12/24VDC operation, 100A Rating, DC Reverse Polarity Protection
  • IP65 Protection
  • Modules are self adapting whilst in communication master once base address is set
  • 16 Universal User Configurable Bi-Directional (I/O) Channels
  • Channels Configured as inputs feature
    • Volt Free Inputs with running / error indication (20mA capability)
    • Multiplexed inputs – up to four switches per channel (no individual running / error indication)
    • Analogue inputs
      • Voltage Free
      • Voltage 0 – 32V
      • Current 4 – 20 mA
      • Resistance 0 – 800 ohm
  • Channels configured as outputs feature
    • Electronic Over-current protection and undercurrent detection, programmable fuse characteristic, slow, normal or fast
    • Discrete 10A or 18A operation, parallel operation for increased capacity
      • I.E. two output combined provide 36A, electronically limited and protected
    • Manual Set / Reset of any channel direct from DC Module in real time
    • Soft start / Soft Stop / Versatile Dimming / Lighting Effects
    • Wiper Control, including parking, interval and multiple speed
    • Programmable Polarity Reversal (High Side & Low Side Switching)

The NXT DC Module (DCM-11) is an IP65 rated NMEA2000 device that is connected to the main DC Bus and provides inputs and outputs to the system. Physically the DCM is a compact, easily mounted, 16 channel device, featuring two 16 way Molex MX150L connectors which form the user interface, each channel has a both a positive and negative connection. The main DC Power is connected by two M6 studs. In addition there is also a slot for a GSM SIM Card, Ethernet connection and GSM Antenna. All output channels are electronically protected and feature undercurrent protection as well as soft start / stop and are capable of being electronically dimmed and of driving complex loads such as LED lighting or Windscreen Wipers directly. To increase output capacity outputs may be paralleled and to simplify installations both High Side and Low Side switching is possible.

With multiple input capabilities and ranges the DCM is an extremely versatile and cost effective means to interface signals to the system and when combined with the powerful NXT software complex monitoring and control systems are easily realized in practice.

Part Number Selection

Part Selection

Part Number Summary

  • 2010101/2020106 has 16 x input channels and 12 x 10 amp output channels
  • 2010102/2020107 has 16 x input channels, 8 x 10 amp and 4 x 18 amp output channels
  • 2010103/2020108 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels and 4 x 18 amp output channels
  • 2010403/2020408 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels, 4 x 18 amp output channels and 2 x 4-20 mA channels
  • 2010303/2020308 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels & 4 x 18 amp output channels + Ethernet
  • 2010104/2020109 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels, 4 x 18 amp output channels and 4 x output minus channels (for wipers)
  • 2010105/2020110 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels, 4 x 18 amp output channels and 16 x output minus channels
  • 20105052020510 has 16 x input channels, 12 x 10 amp output channels, 4 x 18 amp output channels and 16 x 4-20 mA channels

Additional Options

In addition to the part numbers above, additional options for wiper synchronisation, dimmer functionality and analogue input capability must be specified.

  • Dimmer functionality is available on either 0, 8 or 16 outputs
  • Wiper synchronisation is specified if required
  • Analogue inputs if required are specified as either 8 volt/resistance or 16 volt/resistance capability

Configuration Notes

  1. System voltage can be either 12 volt or 12/24 volt. Mixed voltage systems are possible.
  2. One module with an ethernet port is required if a Master unit without an ethernet port is used.
  3. Reversing motor outputs will require Lo drivers that are available on either 2010104/2020109 or 2010105/2020110 modules.
  4. Each wiper will use one of channels 4,5,12 and 13.
  5. Common returns of channels 6 and 14 are used for dimming LED indicators.


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