Battery Power Packs

The Outback Marine designed power packs feature a battery enclosure and integrated DC distribution board and provide a ready-to-install solution for 4WD campers, camping trailers, caravans and boats.

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Tow Vehicle AGM Battery Power Pack - 12V 150AH Tow Vehicle AGM Battery Power Pack - 12V 150AH


DC Power Pack

The Outback Marine DC Power Pack is an integrated solution that includes a battery in an enclosure with an attached DC power distribution board. It is a ready-to-install solution for applications that require a compact form factor for installation in restricted spaces.

As a total electrical system, the DC Power Pack is designed to minimise installation labour and offers a lower total-installed system cost. The power pack is ideal for DIY installations in 4WD campers, camping trailers, caravans and boats. It is available with either AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or LFP (Lithium Ion) battery technologies.


Common Features

The enclosure is constructed from a composite fire-rated material and has provision on the base for (light duty) mounting screws. AGM battery versions feature USA-manufactured Lifeline batteries. All versions have a battery isolation switch.

Plated copper busbars are used throughout. A positive busbar provides a mounting facility for terminal fuses that feed power to the system loads. Higher current devices, like battery chargers and inverters, are powered from these fuses as well as the main power feed for an electrical distribution panel.

A negative bus bar provides a ground return path to the battery. Most versions have a current shunt in the battery ground return for measuring battery current.

Application Specific

Caravan, RV and boat applications typically have a separate electrical panel for mounting a battery monitor and circuit breakers that feed power to the power consumers. In this case, a basic protection cover provides access to the battery isolation switch.

For 4WD and camping trailer applications where separate electrical panels are awkward to locate, the packs include circuit breakers and DC outlets for pluggable connections to appliances such as fridge boxes, air compressors and portable lighting. A battery monitor mounted on the cover panel provides measurement capability for voltage, current and amp hours. Used as a virtual fuel gauge, the battery monitor provides a ready indication of when to start or stop battery charging.


Lithium Ion Battery Versions

All Lithium Ion battery systems incorporate a battery management system that protects the battery from over charge and discharge issues. As such, they require an electrically-operated battery switch. Any error condition that may cause a problem for the battery will result in the battery being disconnected from the system. See individual LFP products for details.