Marine Sound Systems

Entertainment equipment includes stereo systems equipment with emphasis is placed on gear that is powered directly from the vessel battery system.

FUSION True Marine products are designed and engineered from the ground up in New Zealand specifically for the marine environment. True Marine products are subjected to rigorous environmental testing under harsh marine conditions to surpass industry guidelines of marine electronics. Any product that bares the True Marine seal of accreditation has been designed for simplicity of use, combing the most advanced marine technologies to produce an industry leading entertainment experience.

All True Marine accredited products are backed by FUSION's 3 year industry leading warranty, you can be assured that FUSION stands by its products and takes pride in delivering True Marine quality products for your vessel.

Fusion is the only brand of marine stereo equipment that is sold by Outback Marine. Why? We simply beleive it is the best.

True Marine Products Designed and Engineered for the Marine Environment


Fusion LogoRecognised as the worldwide leaders in marine entertainment and innovation, FUSION True Marine products combine cutting edge technology and high quality materials, with a clear focus on ease of use.

At FUSION, we believe that products should be designed to perform season after season even after exposure to some of the harshest marine conditions. With this longevity in mind, all True Marine products are designed and engineered from the ground up - specifically for use on the water. Environmental protection is at the heart of all our product designs and only after each product has been subjected to (and passed) our rigorous environmental testing, are they awarded the True Marine stamp and a 3 Year Worldwide Consumer Warranty.

Our extensive testing gives our customers confidence in our products and has further cemented FUSION as industry leaders in marine entertainment. So, look for the True Marine stamp when purchasing your next marine entertainment product. And in the meantime, for your further piece of mind, here are the details of some of the tests that we conduct…

Vibration testing:
Vibration testing ensures that FUSION products are fit for their life on the water; the ability to operate in irregular or stormy seas without physical damage or degradation is crucial. FUSION simulates these conditions in a controlled environment to ensure seamless operation of all FUSION True Marine stereos, not just for one season, but across the product’s whole, extended lifespan.

High humidity and Salt-mist testing:
In high humidity areas such as the Pacific, marine electronics face the real risk of corrosion and mechanical failure. Likewise, exposure to salt mist or moisture, for even a small period of time, will cause any non-marine specific stereo to fail. At FUSION we have special chambers for testing both of these conditions and can ensure all True Marine products withstand and perform to a high quality standard despite either extreme.

Temperature testing:
The ability for a marine stereo to function in extreme temperatures is crucial, especially when the summer season is getting hotter every year. We test our stereos to temperature extremes you would never encounter in the real world just to prove that our products are in fact worthy of being labeled True Marine.

FUSION True Marine Stereos must operate under extreme temperature conditions and withstand sudden changes in temperature without experiencing physical damage or degradation in performance.

Ingress protection (water resistance) testing:
All FUSION True Marine products, whether they be entertainment systems, speakers, subwoofers or wired remote control solutions, are IP (Ingress Protection) rated to at least an IPx5 level. This indicates a product’s protection against both solid foreign objects and moisture intrusion – both important factors for a product’s durability and lifespan on the water.

IPx5 Testing

The IPx5 water intrusion test requires a product to remain completely watertight for at least three minutes, even after enduring powerful water spray. FUSION's True Marine 600 and 700 series stereos are 360º IPx5 water resistant, where other brand 'marine' stereos may only be rated from the front of the unit.

IPx7 Testing

FUSION's new MS-NRX200 wired remote control is rated IP67, the test for which requires a product to remain watertight for 30 minutes immersed in deep water. With this rating, products are ideal for use on swim platforms and decks where they are likely to receive constant exposure to water, without worries.

ESD Testing:

Making any FUSION product “safe” requires a thorough understanding of the hazards that exist in electrical products – risks surrounding electrical shock, mechanical or physical injury, low voltage/high energy, or fire. FUSION take the evaluation of these hazards even more seriously when testing their marine electronics. We ensure that electro static disturbance does not affect the operation of any FUSION device and we are proud to say that all FUSION electronic products adhere to global industry guidelines for ESD.