Midnite Solar Kid

The MidNite Solar Kid 30A MPPT solar controller has an LCD display that gives an indication of panel charging status and allows acces to charging history.

Image Name Battery Amps  Battery Volts  Type  Voc   Price
Kid 150 MPPT Solar Charge Controller (black) Kid 150 MPPT Solar Charge Controller (black)


The Midnite Solar KID is the most versatile and feature packed medium sized controller on the market. Available in standard or marine versions.


True Paralleling
Two KIDs can be both input and output paralled to provide 60A capability from a single solar array.

Follow Me Mode
Any number of KIDs can be connected to the same battery bank with synchronised charging from multiple solar arrays.

Battery Monitoring
The KID is compatible with the optional Whizbang Junior current sense module.