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Voltage Nominal battery voltage

Capacity Nominal battery capacity at 20 hour discharge rate

Cold Cranking Amps Cold cranking amps @ 0 degrees celcious

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Store energy for powering devices when shore power or engine sources are not available with AGM (absorbed glass mat) and Lithium Ion batteries .

  Deka Seamate 31 12V/105AH AGM Battery
A range of AGM batteries from Lifeline, Deka, Optima and Remco to cover all your marine and off-road requirements.
  Super-B 12V 160AH LiFePO4 Battery with BMS
Lithium Ion batteries (specifically Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) technology) offer a better solution than traditional lead acid devices.
  Tow Vehicle AGM Battery Power Pack - 12V 150AH
The Outback Marine designed power packs feature a battery enclosure and integrated DC distribution board and provide a ready-to-install solution for 4WD campers, camping trailers, caravans and boats.
  NG GEL 2 volt 1000AH Tubular Plate Battery

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Outback Marine have been selling AGM batteries for marine and land mobile systems for over 12 years. For long service life and applications performance, it's important to select the right battery for the job. Lifeline batteries are renowned for their superior performance and solid 5 year pro-rata warranty to back it up. And now we are offering the Deka line of AGM batteries manufactured by East Penn in the United States. These also are a proven battery with a 1 year replacement warranty - but priced to compete with the cheaper imports.

Check the Weight

Does the capacity seem too good to be true? When comparing batteries of similar technology, check out the weight, if the capacity seems a lot higher for a given case size. If the weight is significantly lower, then most likely the actual amp hour capacity will be as well. 

Lowest Delivered Prices

If you know exactly what you need, then select either Lifeline or Deka batteries from below and enjoy the lowest delivered prices in Australia.

How to select the right marine battery system

If you're not sure exactly what is needed for the batteries and charging systems, then please call us.  The batteries can only be as good as the battery charger and how they are being used in the application. Once we have an idea of what you are trying to achieve we will do our best to work out the best solution that meets your performance and budget objectives.

Not sure what you need or if it will work? Just a phone call away at (07) 5563 9088.