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Empirbus NXT Release SCIBS 2011


Empirbus NXT Power Management and Control System

Outback Marine Australia is releasing the new Empirbus NXT distributed power and control system at the 2011 Sanctuary Cove Int’l Boat Show which is held from the 18th to 22nd of May

The NXT system incorporates power modules that connect to vessel components within zones located at strategic wiring points throughout the vessel. Membrane keypads are placed at significant control points. Communications between modules and the vessel electronics system is handled by the NMEA-2000 backbone. Traditional electrical panels are all but eliminated and operation of the vessel is simplified by taking advantage of the programmable logic embedded in the system.

The NXT system is fully programmable using “Design Studio”, a schematic entry and logic design program on a PC. All common gate logic functions are available while high level function blocks simplify programming of linear functions.

Empirbus products are manufactured by Trigentic AB of Sweden. Technical manager Henrik Niklasson has commented “We always intended the NXT system to be much more than a distributed wiring system. The implementation on the Argus E35 is a testament to the functionality of the NXT system and technical capability of our Australian distributer.” The Empirbus NXT system is a second generation power management system, following the success of the CLC system that has been in production for over five years.

In a strategic move, the Australian release coincides with the  worldwide release of the Argus Boats E35 power catamaran which extensively uses the Empirbus NXT system to full advantage. Company Director, Gary Pacey says the Empirbus system is tightly integrated into the new vessel where the feature set of the electrical power management and control system is utilized and demonstrated to full advantage.

NXT system functions as installed on the Argus E35 include:

  • Connection to around 150 power and control circuits throughout the vessel including built in over current circuit protection.
  • Vessel mode control for Dock Away, Dock Aboard, Under Way, Anchor Aboard and Anchor Away with simple push button operation.
  • Switch control of vessel and house circuits.
  • Voltage control and dimming of LED lighting.
  • Speed control and synchronization of windscreen wipers.
  • Connection to industry standard level sensors on fuel, water and black water tanks with tank level display on any capable NMEA-2000 instrument.
  • Thermostat functions for three refrigeration systems and the heat pump hot water system. Running and set point temperatures are displayed on any capable NMEA-2000 instrument.
  • Integrated control of toilet system using black water tank level and programmable timers for fill and flush operations.
  • Control of fresh water engine flushing.
The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show release on the Argus E35 gives boat builders, marine electrical engineers and vessel owners a great opportunity to witness the feature set, functionality and benefits of the Empirbus NXT system in a production implementation. These and other new products will be available for inspection and demonstration on board the all-new Argus E35 located between A and B arm.

Mr. Pacey said the company’s advanced manufacturing techniques and engineering knowhow played a major role in the Argus E35’s development. Outback Marine is encouraging other boat and mobile home builders to take advantage of these innovative and cost-effective product developments.


Empirbus NXT DC Module

NXT DC Module Showing Wiring to Devices

Empirbus Membrane Panels

Helm Panel Arrangement with NXT Membrane Panels and Switch Inputs

Empirbus Panel Detail

Membrane Panel Detail with Configurable Legends

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