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Our range of high quality Victron inverter products service industrial, mining, marine and caravan/RV applications.

An inverter is an electronic device that takes DC (direct current) power from a battery and converts it to an AC (alternating current) form that emulates the power that we get from the grid. They are a convenient means of powering A.C. appliances from D.C. systems. Inverters are commonly available in the 200-watt to 5000-watt range. Modern mobile systems use only an inverter for A.C. power requirements. One of the biggest advantages of an inverter is that A.C. power is available on-demand without needing to start an engine.

Also see inverter chargers that combine a battery charger and inverter in a single product.

  Phoenix Inverter 24/3000 - Victron PIN243020000 - S
Victron Phoenix (‏12)
Phoenix sine wave inverters have an output power range from 150VA to 5,000VA and operate from 12/24/48 volt battery banks.
  ePower 1000W & 2000W Sine Wave Inverter
ePower (‏1)
For less demanding consumer applications, the ePower inverters offer an alternative lower cost solution.

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