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Outback Marine SCIBS 2011

MEDIA RELEASE  May 3, 2011

Outback Marine Product Innovation at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Live Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 19-22 May, 2011

This year the Outback Marine display is on the water and will focus on demonstration of systems and equipment in an onboard working environment.

Argus E35 20 knot turn

Product and System Solutions

At 10.6 metres overall length and 4.7 metre beam, the outboard motor powered vessel is fully equipped for live aboard coastal cruising. While providing generous accomodation and a spacious layout, the remaining space and weight allocation for systems equipment presented a challenge for the design and implementation of systems and fitout solutions. The result is a compact vessel that is engineered ready to cruise in comfort. The vessel features many innovative solution engineered and supplied by Outback Marine.

  • A self-sufficient solar powered electrical system incorporating a split 24 volt house and 12 volt cranking battery arrangement featuring Outback Power Systems VFX  inverter charger and MX60 solar panel regulator.
  • An Empirbus NXT distributed electrical power and control system featuring NMEA-2000 system monitoring. The NXT system manages the supervision and control of most vessel functions.
  • Three independent Veco water cooled refrigeration units that effectively operate from the solar powered electrical system.
  • A new reverse cycle heat pump hot water system that recovers waste heat from the vessel refrigeration system, thereby eliminating the need for LPG or a generator set.
  • An induction hot plate cooking system and convection microwave oven operating from the battery powered inverter system.
  • Roca windscreen wiper system featuring a through-glass mounting system and synchronised wipers controlled by Empirbus
  • Outback Marine helm panels, power distribution boards and electrical panels.
  • A fully integrated NMEA-2000 electronics package including Raymarine GPS chart plotter, radar, sounder, autopilot, engine instrumentation, VHF radio and AIS with tank level monitoring and refrigeration system control from the Empirbus NXT system.
  • A frameless glass door and window system that offers a real alternative to traditional aluminium framed fabrication. The front glass features hinged facets incorporating motorised struts.
  • A CNC machined deck plug tooling product that provides an attractive slip resistant finish for molded decks.
  • A pluggable interconnection system for Glendinning electronic engine controls and Suzuki outboards that simplifies the system installation.
  • Remote fresh water flushing of outboard engines.

Outback Marine provides boat designers, builders and vessel owners product and system solutions. Mr Pacey said the company’s advanced manufacturing techniques and engineering knowhow played a major role in the Argus Boats development. He is hopeful that other boat and mobile home builders can take advantage of the same product development. Visit the Argus E35 display located between A and B arms. 

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