Outback Power

The Outback Power product range includes inverter chargers, solar controllers and battery systems. The USA based company is renowned for the design and manufacture of rugged power electronics for renewable energy applications.

Founded in 2001 by three leading power electronics engineers and initially designing integration hardware. Today, OutBack Power is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of power electronics for off-grid, grid-interactive and battery-based renewable energy systems.

FLEXmax Solar Controllers: The FLEXmax 60 and 80 solar controllers are the most recognised controllers on the market today. Pioneering many industry leading features with a distinctive black cast aluminium case. FLEXmax controllers have proven themselves in remote and harsh environments for many years with high reliability and high performance with full output power in up to 40°C.

FXR Inverter Chargers: The FXR series inverter chargers retain the same legendary look as the previous generation FX series, with the addition of new onboard technology. Advanced programmable battery charging, multiple operating modes and remote monitoring and control capable.

Optics RE: Systems including a MATE3 controller provide access to the powerful Optics RE suite. This allows installers and owners to monitor and control system settings from any internet connected device. With access to over 600 settings, email notifications and power use graphs it has never been easier to manage your renewable energy system.