Outback M Series Type 1 DC Distribution Board

The DCDMT10 is a universal DC power distribution board for house battery installations in boats, caravans, RV's and commercial automotive applications.

  • Manufacturer: Outback Marine
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The DCDMT10 is a universal DC power distribution board for house battery installations in boats, caravans, RV's and commercial automotive applications.

Complete Power Distribution System

The board provides the core functionality of a professional electrical system suitable for expedition trucks, motorhomes, caravans, camping trailers, work trucks and coach based specialty vehicles. Connection points are available for all required components for a complete electrical system.

  • House battery isolation switch
  • Bus bar based fused circuit protection
  • Fused provision for direct connection of solar regulator
  • Fused provision for direct connection of inverter charger
  • Fused provision for direct connection of electrical panel
  • Shunt installation when purchased with BMV battery monitor

The DCD board serves as the heavy wiring hub of the electrical system. Its primary task is to distribute power to and from the house battery.  A positive bus bar connects to the house battery via an isolation switch. Terminal fuses feed each primary branch circuit. A ground return bus bar with a current shunt connects back to the battery negative terminal. One of the power feeds connects to the house electrical panel that in turn feeds power to subcircuits.

The board includes provision for a Victron BMV700/702/712 battery monitor shunt to manage house battery usage. It is essentially a fuel gauge for the battery. The required current shunt is mounted and wired on the board ready for a simple plug connection when ordered with a BMV battery monitor.

Caravan electrical system board

Balance of System

A fused connection point on the unswitched side of the battery switch can connect to a Victron MPPT solar regulator or a combined DC-DC converter / solar regulator.  In either case, the battery charge will be indefinitely maintained independently of the battery isolation switch position. The size of the regulator and the required fuse is determined by the PV array size. The example shown below is a typical system featuring four 260 watt solar panels. A PV array isolation switch is recommended to safely isolate the PV array for any system maintenance. 

A Victron Multiplus or Quattro inverter charger can directly connect to the busbar system. A terminal fuse (value determined by the inverter charger model) can be installed on the positive bus bar to provide circuit protection.  An offboard inverter isolation switch is recommended to comply with safety standards,

A house electrical panel can provide a mounting point for the battery monitor and inverter charger remote panel. A circuit breaker supplies power to 12-volt branch consumers via a fuse block. Additional circuit breakers or fuse blocks can be used to source power to branch circuits.


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