Outback Marine Type 2 Lithium BMS DC Distribution Board - 24V

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  • Voltage: 24V
  • Manufacturer: Outback Marine
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The DCDT2A is a DC power distribution board facility with built in Battery Management System support for a Lithium Ion house battery bank.

Type 2 power distribution board and battery management system for Outback Marine lithium battery systems.

This DCDT2A board supports a system that has a single house battery bank and a seperate starter battery. This type of system is used when an engine alternator is used for house battery charging. A battery solenoid switch is used to isolate the house battery from the system in case of an emergency situation - for example an electrically driven fire caused by a short circuit or a BMS issue. Fuses mounted on the positive bus bar protect outgoing circuits. A negative bus bar provides a ground return path.

A second solenoid switch connects the house battery positive distribution bus to an engine system or alternate charging system. The switch can perform the function of a cross charging relay that allows the house battery to be charged from the engine source when the engine is running. The switch would open circuit when the engine stops to prevent discharging the starting battery. With manual control, the house battery can also be used for engine starting. 

The battery management system controller (sold seperately) has command over the solenoid switches on the DCDT2 board. It monitors the voltage, current and temperature of the house battery and the voltage of the engine side positive bus. Based on the monitored data, the BMS controller supervises the electrical system operation. It continually monitors the health of the house battery and can take control to protect it from harmful operation.

House circuits are serviced by an electrical panel that has a dedicated fuse connection to the positive distribution bus. Other circuits such as an inverter charger, solar panel or wind generation also connect to the positive distribution bus.


  • 12 or 24 volt versions for up to 300 amps maximum combined input or output current
  • Main battery isolation solenoid with mechanical override
  • Cross charge/emergency start solenoid with mechanical overide
  • Provision for connection of 4 high current house devices and 2 high current start devices via MRBF type fuses (rated up to 300 amps each) and a negative return busbar. (MRBF fuses supplied seperately)
  • Battery Management Support for a LiFePO4 main battery including over and under charge monitoring at both a system and LiFePO4 cell level
  • Seamless switching of AGM start battery in case of LiFePO4 battery lockout
  • Inverter and charge enable interface to Victron inverter charger for BMS support
  • Isolation capability of all remaining charge sources
  • Digital interface for Outback Marine LCD01 BMS system
  • Fully pluggable BMS module – can be changed by vessel operator
  • Fire rated base and cover for installation in a clean and dry location


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