Blue Sea 360 Custom Panel System

Design a 360 Panel

The 360 Panel System uses an open frame to mount a broad selection of modules, allowing multiple functions to be combined in a single panel.

This innovative design offers a wide choice of panel features, can accommodate future changes and permits rapid assembly. With options ranging from battery management to source selection, the 360 Panel System provides unmatched design flexibility. There are 3 steps to buying a 360 panel.

Launch the Panel Wizard - will take you through the design process.

Design the Panel - select and place the modules, circuit breakers, and labels. The relative US list price is updated with each change. Save the panel design and submit for confirmation and pricing.

Confirm and Order - Outback Marine will confirm the panel design and price in Australian dollars within 3 business days. Order your panel for build and shipment.

Need Some Help - If you are not sure about designing your own panel, Outback Marine can do it for you. All we need is a list of component circuits that need to be controlled and any additional metering or other functions. Or just contact us for help on your complete electrical system design.