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Outback Marine has over 12 years of experience with genuine Lifeline marine batteries. In fact as the original importer of Lifeline batteries into Australia, more than any other Australian company. We want to make sure that you have the right battery solution including the correct battery charger. You know we have done it right when customers come back after 8 to 10 years of service and buy another set of Lifeline batteries.

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Lifeline Marine & RV AGM Batteries

Designed and built to rigorous US military standards, Lifeline is a superior AGM battery in every measure: Safety, Reliability, Service Life and above all - Performance. Manufactured without compromise, Lifeline batteries are aimed at the premium end of the Marine, Caravan and Motorhome markets. Ultra low internal resistance is a defining feature of the Lifeline range which combines with industry leading charge efficiency to provide dramatically shorter recharge time. Current on recharge is also unlimited, provided the voltage is regulated.

With a long lifespan of up to 5000 cycles and true CCA starting ratings Lifeline batteries are suitable for all starting, deep cycle and dual purpose applications. A further major advantage of the Lifeline battery is its unparalleled vibration resistance, and it is the only off-the-shelf battery that passes the stringent vibration requirements of the US Coast Guard and Navy. Lifeline batteries are also the safest readily available in Australia with regards to explosion potential under severe overcharge. These features and attributes combine to provide the safest, longest lasting, most universal, fastest recharging and most vibration resistant battery on the market today.

  • User Safe - sealed construction; non-spillable; install in any position if properly supported; submersible without damage
  • Maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals)
  • Fastest recharge. (no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging)
  • Deep Cycle (thick positive plates to provide real deep cycle performance)
  • Outstanding cranking performance (aircraft cell construction lowers internal resistance)
  • Best charge retention (especially against flooded cell types)
  • Lowest discharge rates (Less that 3 percent per month unattended)
  • Easily shipped (even via UPS except GPL-8D and GPLAD because of weight)
  • Shock and vibration resistant. (100% of plates are covered with separator liners)
  • Properly supported, LIFELINE AGM batteries with absorbed electrolyte can be installed and operated on their side.
  • Lifeline cranking batteries share all of the same attributes as their deep cycle counterparts but are optimised for engine starting applications.

Lifeline batteries have a conditional 5 year pro rata warranty.

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