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Honda vs Yamaha

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We are sometimes asked why we prefer to sell Yamaha inverter generators instead of Honda. They are both top quality products manufactured in Japan and carry the same type of warranty. They both have a similar range of power output. Both product lines are relatively quiet considering that they are engine powered generators.

On Honda, the fuel and engine run switches are combined, which means that cutting off the fuel turns off the engine leaving the carburetor full of fuel. This is not an issue if the generator is used each day, but left over time the fuel will go stale and possibly leave resin deposits, which then involves stripping down the carburetor - a total pain.

Yamaha generators have a separate fuel shutoff from the engine run switch. This means that you can cut off the fuel and run the generator until the carburetor is dry. Starting will be easier and there will be no resin deposits.

The Yamaha generator range is similar to all inverter series Honda generators including the Eu10i, Eu20i and Eu30i.

Other than the Yamaha supply chain being friendly and easy to deal with, we put it down to personal preference.

Refer to the following link to determine generator sizing for various loads.

Yamaha Generator Sizing Chart