An autopilot controls the steering of the vessel in order to keep the vessel on a selected compass heading or a course to a waypoint that was created on a chart plotter.

Autopilot control heads allow the control and display of autopilot parameters. They are available in wired and wireless versions.


System packs combine an Evolution sensor core with a control head and specific ACU to work with an existing drive unit.


A selection of system packs that combine an Evolution sensor core with a control head, ACU and drive unit for specific vessel types.


Evolution Autopilots

Raymarine autopilots consist of four main components: a sensor core (EV1/EV2), a control head (P70), an actuator control unit (ACU) and a drive mechanism. They can be purchased as ready-to-go systems or you can build your own system by selecting the elements that are most suited to your boat. The new Evolution series autopilots combine incredible functionality and performance with an extremely easy installation and commissioning process.

Control your autopilot from a Raymarine multifunction display.
With the aSeries, cSeries and eSeries displays, Raymarine provide the convenience of controlling the autopilot directly from the display - a dedicated autopilot control head is optional. The following video shows how easy it is to control the autopilot.