DC to DC Converters

Convert voltage from one battery system standard to another. For example power 12 volt appliances from a 24 volt battery system.

The Victron Orion range of DC-DC converters offer both isolated and non-isolated outputs. Suitable for battery systems ranging from 12 to 96 volts.

Isolated DC-DC converters galvanically isolate the input circuit from the output circuit.


Non isolated DC-DC converters share a common ground between the input and output circuits.


IP67 rated non isolated DC-DC converters have water resistance and share a common ground between the input and output circuits.


Victron Orion DC/DC Converters

Remote on-off connector on the high power models

The remote on-off eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring. The remote on-off can be operated with a low power switch or by the engine run/stop switch (see manual).

All models with adjustable output can also be used as a battery charger

For example to charge a 12V starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24V system.

All models with adjustable output can be paralleled to increase output current

Up to five units can be connected in parallel.

The Orion 12/27,6-12: a 24 V battery charger

To charge a 24 V battery from a 12 V system. The output voltage of this model can be adjusted with a potentiometer

A super wide input range buck-boost regulator: the Orion 7-35/12-3

The Orion 7-35/12-3 is an isolated converter with a very wide input range, suitable for both 12 V and 24 V systems, and a fixed 12,6 V output.

Easy to install

Delivery includes four Insulated Fastons Female Crimp 6.3 mm (eight Fastons in case of the Orion 24/12-40).