Victron Lithium Batteries

Victron Energy offers 3 models of Lithium batteries.

Peak Power Pack - The Peak Power Pack is a complete substitute for heavy lead acid batteries in applications where high currents occur for a short time. Being primarily meant for caravan movers, it is equipped with a built-in charger allowing charging from the vehicle's electrical system whilst travelling with the caravan. These are also great as a power pack for weekend camping trips to run your lights and charge your phones.

SuperPack - With an Integrated BMS and safety switch, the SuperPack batteries are extremely easy to install, not needing any additional components so they are ideal for a drop-in replacement of lead-acid batteries.

Smart - Requires the use of an external BMS (Lynx Smart BMS, BMS 12/200, BMS 12/100 CL, the VE.Bus BMS and the smallBMS) allowing for a very modular design for your application. The Smart range also offers high continuous current discharge rates so suitable for more extensive inverter requirements.

Victron Smart Lithium batteries can be connected in series, parallel and series/parallel so that a battery bank can be built for system voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V. The maximum number of batteries in one system is 20, which results in a maximum energy storage of:

  • 12V bank maximum: 20 x 12V/330Ah = 84kWh
  • 24V bank maximum: 20 x 24V/200Ah = 102kWh
  • 48V bank maximum: 20 x 24V/200Ah = 102kWh
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