Raymarine Axiom / Axiom+

The new Axiom line of multifunction displays from Raymarine feature unmatched awareness above and below the water.

Axiom displays are available in the three screen sizes of 7.0, 9.0 and 12.1 inches. All Axiom displays perform Chartplotter and GPS functions. Some models include inbuilt sonar modules available in DownVision or RealVision versions.

Below the water
RealVision Axiom displays offer single-transducer 3D underwater imagery. It has never been easier and cheaper to add this type of capability to your vessel. In addition to the 3D image, the RealVision transducer can produce the CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision and High CHIRP images that existing Raymarine users will be familiar with. The transducer has active gyro-stabilisation which compensates for the movement of the vessel to produce the best underwater image.

The autoscrolling 3D image can be pinch rotated and pinch zoomed for exact targeting. Targets that are removed from the bottom structure are highlighted in-depth colour.


Above the water
Axiom will be the first multifunction display to utilise FLIR's new ClearCruise technology. Coupled with an M100 or M200 thermal camera, intelligent thermal analytics technology can provide automatic alerts when target objects appear in view.

New radar modes are easier to use and controls are faster to access. The new live view menu allows you to see radar adjustments in real time.



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Selecting a transducer for an Axiom MFD
DownVision (DV) and RealVision (RV) Axiom displays have inbuilt sonar modules that allow a transducer to be connected directly to them. Models without an inbuilt sonar can display sonar images if they are networked to another Axiom display with sonar or an external fishfinder module such as a CP100, CP200, CP370, CP470 or CP570. 

Transducers that will direct connect to DownVision DV model Axiom MFDs.
DV Axiom displays have the direct connect option of either DownVision or CHIRP conical beam transducers.

Part Number Description Mounting
RAY.A80351 CPT-100DVS plastic DownVision transducer Transom
RAY.A80277 CPT-110 plastic DownVision transducer Thru-hull
RAY.A80271 CPT-120 bronze DownVision transducer Thru-hull
RAY.E70342 CPT-S plastic CHIRP conical beam transducer Transom
RAY.E70339 CPT-S 0° angled element plastic CHIRP conical beam transducer Thru-hull
RAY.E70340 CPT-S 12° angled element plastic CHIRP conical beam transducer Thru-hull
RAY.E70341 CPT-S 20° angled element plastic CHIRP conical beam transducer Thru-hull

Transducers that will direct connect to RealVision RV model Axiom MFDs.
RealVision RV model displays will accept RealVision transducers with a direct connection.

Part Number Description Mounting
RAY.A80464 RV-100 plastic RealVision 3D transducer Transom

Using other transducers via adapter cables
For vessels with existing transducers, Axiom has the flexibility of accepting a wide range of Raymarine transducers via adapter cables. There are separate cable sets for DV and RV models. Y-Cables are required on RV models when connecting a RealVision and 600W transducer combination, and on DV models when connecting a DownVision and 600W transducer combination.

Part Number Description
RAY.A80484 Axiom DV to 7-pin Embedded Transducer Adapter
RAY.A80485 Axiom DV to 7-pin CP370 Transducer Adapter
RAY.A80486 Axiom DV to 9-pin DV & 7-pin Embedded Transducers Y-Cable
RAY.A80487 Axiom DV to 9-pin DV & 7-pin CP370 Transducers Y-Cable
RAY.A80488 Axiom RV to 7-pin Embedded Transducer Adapter
RAY.A80489 Axiom RV to 7-pin CP370 Transducer Adapter
RAY.A80490 Axiom RV to 9-pin DV Transducer Adapter
RAY.A80491 Axiom RV to 25-pin RV & 7-pin Embedded Transducers Y-Cable
RAY.A80492 Axiom RV to 25-pin RV & 7-pin CP370 Transducers Y-Cable
RAY.A80493 Axiom RV to 7-pin Embedded & 9-pin DV Transducers Y-Cable
RAY.A80494 Axiom RV to 7-pin CP370 & 9-pin DV Transducers Y-Cable