Off-Grid Solar

Components for the installation of off-grid, standalone and remote area solar power systems.

Full range of protection devices from Fuse disconnectors to Surge Protector Devices.


Outback Marine offer a variety of system components for use with DC-coupled Standalone or Hybrid systems.


Protection of Arrays in DC Coupled Systems

Apart from producing DC power instead of AC, solar controllers in DC coupled systems differ from AC solar inverters in that they operate at significantly lower input voltage. This requires the solar array to have less series connected panels, and consequently more parallel strings. The PV combiner box is a cabinet located at the array, which combines and protects these parallel strings. It will also house a surge protection device where needed.


Battery Bank Protection

In a standalone system, the battery bank is usually the part of the system with the most energy, and the greatest potential to start a fire. The most commonly accepted protection device for standalone system battery banks is the Fuse Switch Disconnector. This device houses three High Rupture Capacity (HRC) fuses and can be operated to isolated the battery bank in an emergency or for maintainance. They are available in four capacity ratings, and should be selected to carry the maximum current required by the system.


Midnite Solar array sizing tool