Victron BlueSolar MPPT Controllers

Victron also offers the widest range of quality MPPT solar controllers in the market. The smaller 75/10 and 75/15 products are ideally suited to 12 and 24 volt systems that employ low cost 250 watt class "grid tie" panels. The 75 volt open circuit rating can also handle up to 3 x "12 volt" style panels in series for those who wish to retain existing panels.

The higher power 100/15, 100/30 and 100/50 products can take advantage of stacking two 260 watt class panels in series/parallel arrays for 12 and 24 volt systems. The higher open circuit voltage 150/35, 45, 60, 70, 85 and 100 models can handle up to 3 series panels in a series/parallel array.

The table below outlines the expected midday charge current into 12, 24 and 48 volt batteries for each controller with typical grid tie style solar panels. We are using a .7 power factor to derate the panel for lying flat and for temperature. Nominal 13, 26 and 52 volts were used in the calculations for battery voltage. Multiply the amps by about 6 to get an approximate idea of amp-hours generated per day. The "S" designates panels in a string and the "P" designates parallel. Actual panel output power will vary pending panel inclination, temperature, latitude and season.

Practical Guide - Solar Panel Configurations

MPPT Model 12 volt 24 Volt 48 Volt
75/10 1 x 200W - 10 amps 2S x 200W - 10 amps NA
75/15 1 x 260W - 14 amps 2P x 260W -14 amps NA
100/15 1 x 260W - 14 amps 1 x 2S x 260W - 14 amps NA
100/30 2S x 260W - 28 amps 2 x 2S x 260W - 28 amps NA
100/50 3P x 260W - 42 amps 3 x 2S x 260W - 42 amps NA
150/35 3S x 260W - 35 amps  2 x 3S x 260W - 35 amps 4 x 3S x 260W - 35 amps
150/45  2 x 2S x 260W - 45 amps  2 x 3S x 260W - 42 amps 4 x 3S x 260W - 42 amps
150/60 2 x 2S x 260W - 56 amps  3 x 3S x 260W - 60 amps 6 x 3S x 260W - 60 amps
150/70  2 x 3S x 260W - 70 amps  4 x 3S x 260W - 70 amps 6 x 3S x 260W - 63 amps
150/85  2 x 3S x 260W - 84 amps 4 x 3S x 260W - 84 amps 8 x 3S x 260W - 84 amps
150/100 3 x 3S x 260W - 100 amps 5 x 3S x 260W - 100 amps  10 x 3S x 260W - 100 amps

So-called 12 volt panels can readily be used with the lower power controllers. Note that all panels connected to a single controller must be of the same model. In selection of the appropriate controller, the following should be taken into account.

  • The number of panels in series times the panel Voc must not exceed the controller Voc rating. The panel Voc for the lowest temperature operation should be used.
  • The number of panels times panel watts indicates the maximum power. Divide that power by 13 to determine maximum current. Multiply that by 0.7 to find the expected maximum charge current.

Advanced Users

Download the Victron Solar Panel Calculator for exacting designs of solar panel systems using Victron MPPT regulators. Alternatively, check out the latest MPPT Sizing Calculator on the Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller page.

SmartSolar with inbuilt Bluetooth and VE.Smart Networking

Victrons SmartSolar MPPT controllers are similar to the BlueSolar controllers, but with inbuilt Bluetooth. The inbuilt Bluetooth allows the controller to talk wirelessly to the Victron Smart Battery Sense and other additional controllers. The Smart Battery Sense provides the controllers with voltage and temperature corrected charge data for more effective battery charging. Using the VictronConnect app on a smartphone is also the easiest method to set up the controllers. 

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