Victron Quattro

Available in 3kVA, 5kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA and 15kVA models with battery voltages ranging from 12 to 48 volts the Quattro is a powerful multifunctional inverter charger with some unique features. Supporting multiple system integrations including three-phase and split phase, the devices can also operate in parallel to meet higher power demands.

Similar to the MultiPlus, the Quattro has the same easy to install features such as PowerControl and PowerAssist and supports two AC Inputs and two AC Outputs. This means two independent power sources can be connected, such as a generator or mains power. The Quattro automatically selects the input where voltage is present with the generator input taking priority.

These, as well as other features such as the automatic and uninterruptible switching means this device potentially delivers virtually unlimited power.

MultiPlus vs Quattro

The MultiPlus and Quattro products play a central role in both AC and DC systems. They are both powerful battery chargers and inverters in one box. The amount of available AC sources is the deciding factor when choosing between the Quattro and the Multi. The big difference is that a Quattro can take two AC sources, and switch between them based on intelligent rules. The MultiPlus can take only one AC source.

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System Operation - Victron Quattro

The Quattro employs two AC inputs - shore power and generator. Either input can bring power into the Quattro. The generator input has priority over the shore power input. When either the shore power or generator input is active, power is transferred through the Quattro to AC outputs 1 and 2. If no input power is available, the invert provides power only to ACout1. ACout2 then is reserved for loads that are only powered up from the Genset or Shore power.

Note that when power is available from the inverter, input power sources are completely isolated and an MEN connection is made internally between Neutral and Earth. When either Genset or Shore power is active, the MEN link is inherited from the external power source.

If the load demand on the output is greater than what the shore power or genset input can provide, a programmable Power Assist function can borrow power from the inverter to increase the total available power. If a small generator was running, this "generator support" capability is ideal for handling higher startup loads that would otherwise stall the generator - for example air conditioning systems.