Empirbus NXT Input / Output Modules

NXT is a second generation digital switching system based on more than 10 years experience in power distribution. Their long term experience, together with the feedback from customers and innovative ideas puts Empirbus at the forefront of digiatl switching technology.


  • the power of logic  - a full array of logic components allows the design of advanced control functions
  • analog functions - monitor and control analog signals (V, A, Ω)
  • configurable input/output - flexible installation, analog or digital
  • advanced lighting control - provides full LED brightness control - smooth on & off create your desired ambience
  • self adapting units - simple service & replacement
  • dimming functionality - full flexibility without limitation
  • advanced motor control - reversible polarity functionality.
  • multiple function channels - saves installation time, money and space!
  • automatic override control - security and safety with manual override
  • dedicated high current outputs - outputs up to 18A
  • control of complex wiper system - interval function, 1 or 2 speed, synchronization
Empirbus Digital Switching Module
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Module Table

Empirbus NXT DCM Table

EmpirBus NXT input/output modules have been engineered to provide configuration flexibility and broad functionalty.

  • ANALOG FUNCTIONS - monitor and control analog signals. Measuring voltage, current and resistance over a wide area
  • CONFIGURABLE INPUT/OUTPUT FUNCTION - provides a flexible installation with great potential. Each channel can be configured for input or output. In addition, inputs can be either digital or analog
  • ADVANCED LIGHTING CONTROL - provides full LED brightness control. Allows for different lighting modes with full dimming functionality for LED-lights.
  • SMOOTH ON & OFF - creates a pleasant ambience. All lighting can be controlled to create sophisticated effects and moods.
  • SELF ADAPTING UNITS - simple service. Units can be exchanged without the need for any programming / PC
  • DIMMING FUNCTIONALITY FOR ALL CHANNELS - full flexibility without limits. Build your optimal solution with all the visions implemented
  • ADVANCED MOTOR CONTROL - with reversible polarity possible. Simplifies motor and actuator systems which can be controlled for reversed functions together with smooth start and stop functions
  • FURTHER CABLE REDUCTION - multiple functions simultaneously on one channel. Fewer channels saves installation time, money and space.
  • AUTOMATIC OVERRIDE CONTROL - creates greater security and safety. Each channel can be individually controlled manually if necessary.
  • DEDICATED HIGH CURRENT OUTPUTS - outputs up to 20A. Allows more heavy users on fewer channels
  • CALENDAR FUNCTIONS - for automatic control at selected times. Provides functionality for building a personalized scheduled operation management of lighting and consumers.
  • CONTROL OF COMPLEX WIPER SYSTEM - create a complete wiper installation. Handle 1 and 2 speed wipers as well as interval function and wiper washing. Individually or in larger groups.

Channel Configurations

• Configurable fuse setting up to 20Amp
• Hi & Low side possibilities for reversible function
• Under current detection, including LED lights
• Dimmable including soft start/stop function

Digital input
• Configurable thresholds for optimized user settings
• Plus or minus sensing
• LED indication in combination with switch

Multiplex input
• 1 to 3 functions on the same input

Analog input
• Voltage 0-32V
• Current 4-20mA
• Resistance
Tank monitoring
• Tank calibration with set points

Window Wiper function
• Low speed
• High Speed
• Interval
• Synchronizing in low/high speed or interval

• Manual on/off

Calendar function
• Controlled by programmable time schedule

Channel indication
• Green, running indications
• Red, fuse alarm indication
• Red, channel fault indication