Primus Wind Power

Primus Wind Power produce Wind Turbine Generators for Commercial and Recreational purposes. Their products can be found in a variety of applications such as Marine and Sailboats, Tiny Homes, Caravans and RV through to Remote Lighting and Signalling Towers, Electronic Road Signs, Remote Telecommunication sites, Oil & Gas Industry. In fact anywhere you have a solar system you can benefit from adding wind powered generation as well.

Turbine Model Location Application Wind Sound
AIR 30 Land Industrial, O&G, Telecom High (20-25km/hr) High
AIR X Marine Marine Industrial, Off Shore High (20-25km/hr) High
AIR 40 Land Residential, Education Moderate (< 19km/hr) Low
AIR Breeze Marine Sailing, Residential Moderate (< 19km/hr) Low
AIR MaX Land Industrial, O&G, Telecom,
Residential, Education
High (20-25km/hr) Very Low
AIR Silent X Marine Sailing, Coastal Residential All Very Low


AIR 30, AIR X Marine and AIR Silent X are identical with regard to performance and electronics. Air X Marine and Air Silent X are marinised for salt water environments.
AIR 40 and AIR Breeze are identical with regard to performance and electronics. Air Breeze is marinised for salt water environments.
AIR 30 and AIR X Marine are designed for higher wind regimes. Air 40 and Air Breeze are designed for low to moderated wind regimes.
AIR 40 and AIR Breeze operate significantly quieter than the Air 30 and Air X Marine. AIR Silent X is even quieter again.

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