Alternator Pulley Kits

Pulley conversion kits allow engines with standard V belt pulleys to use serpentine style belts for higher output alternators.

High Amps - Faster Charging

With the advent of new technology high output small frame alternators that fit in the same space as the original engine alternators, we can now expect to approach 200 amps of charging. The problem is that a typical V belt system on the engine is only good for alternators up to 100 amps. Our new serpentine pulley conversion kits replace the OEM pulleys and belt with a high power rating 10-rib serpentine belt and pulleys.

Serpentine Pulley ConversionThe ingenious system does not typically require the removal of the crankshaft pulley - the new aluminium pulley simply bolts on top. The water pump pulley is either replaced or fitted over similar to the crankshaft. The alternator is fitted with a replacement 10 rib pulley.

How will these serpentine pulleys benefit YOU
Firstly you will eliminate the build up of fine belt dust that penetrates vulnerable engine and electronic components. NOW you are able to drive a high output alternator that actually allows you to run the engine at idle as it (the alternator) creates load that keeps the engine in good fettle without damage to the engine. If you have the space you can also add a second alternator to further enhance your engine life.

Nearly triple your amperage
By fitting a high output alternator with a serpentine pulley kit you can nearly triple your amperage. While a litre of diesel at a marina is now $1.60 dollars plus, if you reduce this by 60% when running the engine to charge the batteries, what will you save? Most of our customers say it paid for itself within months, more importantly the piece of mind it gave them was priceless.

Reduce engine run time
The newer AGM and Lithium batteries have an unprecedented ability to accept a very high rate of charge. With high rate alternator charging, engine run time at anchor is significantly reduced which saves on service hour intervals and gives more time to relax in peace and quiet without an engine running.

Increases the vessels range
For those of us who cruise, the reduction of fuel consumption has a more significant value than just financial savings, it dramatically increases the range of our boat which keeps us cruising longer and allows us to stay in pristine spots when other cruisers have to leave due to refueling.

What do you think that belt dust is?
Complete KitWell it’s your single v belt disintegrating due to slippage, why do you think the auto industry switched to serpentine 30 plus years ago? Eventually the belt snaps (never on the dock) normally at sea when the engines hot and the sea is rough. The end result could be serious damage to your engines systems. Industrial 10 groove serpentine belts do not slip consequently they do not wear, and with a life time warranty you will never need to buy a new one. Your current single V belt concentrates the tension in one small area on the pulley, which stresses the bearings, the serpentine spreads the stress over three times this area running smoother (without belt slippage ) and quieter which helps to further preserve the life of your engine.

All you need in a complete kit
The kit is complete with all pulleys, required bolts and joining compounds. You will need tools for removal and replacement of the components. We recommend having an impact wrench at hand.

Typical Installation