Veco Stainless Door Refrigerators

The FRIGOBOAT MS Series are the best quality marine fridge and freezer cabinets available. A complete range of fridges, freezers and wine cellars for blue water cruisers and all other high end marine applications - nothing else comes close. The MS Series cabinets are the result of VECO's 40 years’ experience in designing and producing marine refrigeration under the World renowned FRIGOBOAT brand.

Built in AISI 304 stainless steel throughout, they fit perfectly in every environment. Designed to run from FRIGOBOAT remote cooling units ensures you use all the available space for refrigeration while also removing the noise from the cooling unit away from the living area.

FRIGOBOAT insist on using the maximum insulation possible to maximize efficiency and minimize power consumption - using a minimum of 50mm polyurethane foam for fridges and 80mm for freezers. FRIGOBOAT MS Series cabinets are designed to run with FRIGOBOAT’s extensive range of air cooled, keelcooled or pumped water cooling units allowing you to select the option that gives you the maximum efficiency or optimized for the installation requirements of the boat

Key features

  • Constructed in stainless steel AISI 304 throughout
  • Excellent insulation: minimum 50 mm for fridges and 80 mm for freezers
  • Temperature control by internal thermostat
  • Condensate water drains fitted to all fridges with hidden evaporators
  • Remote cooling unit to maximize volume, reduce noises and improve efficiency
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