Evaporator Plates

Fitted inside the refrigeration box, the evaporator removes heat from the box by changing the refrigerant state from a liquid to a gas. Heat is removed from the box by the flow of exiting gas.

Frigoboat F series evaporator plates for fridge and freezer applications. They are ideal for top and front opening boxes and are bendable to box dimensions.

  • Painted copper connecting pipes with high efficiency heat exchanger
  • Pre-charged refrigerating circuit with Frigoboat rapid coupling unions for a fast and easy installation
  • Expansion with individually tested capilliary tube
  • Food-compliant and corrosion-resistant epoxy paint
  • Horizontal installation only
  • Bendable to a minimum radius of 25mm

Practical Guide - Evaporator plates

Model Dimensions (mm) Max. Fridge (L) Max. Freezer (L)
130F 590x210x5 160 60
160F 805x210x5  180 70
200F 1060x270x5 240 80
380F 950x365x5 380 100
180F inox 590x305x8  180 70
380F inox  1050x410x8  380 80


Image Name Price
(inc GST)
Flat Evaporator 130F - R134A Flat Evaporator 130F - R134A
SKU: VEC.E50085


Holding Plate 160lt N. T Holding Plate 160lt N. T
SKU: VEC.E50295


Flat Evaporator 160F - R134A Flat Evaporator 160F - R134A
SKU: VEC.E50095


Flat Evaporator 200F - R134A Flat Evaporator 200F - R134A
SKU: VEC.E50075


Flat Evaporator 380F - R134A Flat Evaporator 380F - R134A
SKU: VEC.E52225


Veco Evaporator 130H R134a N.T. Veco Evaporator 130H R134a N.T.
SKU: VEC.E50065


Stainless Steel Evaporator 180F Stainless Steel Evaporator 180F
SKU: VEC.E52105


Stainless Steel Evaporator 380F Stainless Steel Evaporator 380F
SKU: VEC.E52185


Evaporator Plate

The evaporator plate takes liquid refrigerant from the condenser. Through an evaporation process, the liquid expands to a gas and absorbs heat energy from the plate. The ability of the evaporator plate to absorb energy from the enclosure depends on plate temperature and surface area. A plate of higher surface area is more efficient because the resulting plate temperature required to meet the target box temperature allows the system to work with a better coefficient of performance.

An ideal evaporator plate size will allow the plate temperature to be just below 0°C so that the condensate on the plate remains frozen, unless of course dripping condensate off the plate is not a problem. If the plate is spaced away from the wall of the enclosure, effective surface area can be doubled. Another way of increasing performance is to pass flowing air across the plate. We call this a fan forced evaporator. Note that this type of evaporator is not suitable for freezer applications.

"Rollbond" evaporator plates can be bent to the required shape required by the box..