Victron 24-Volt VE.Bus Lithium Electrical System

This all Victron 24-volt on-chassis electrical system features Victron Smart Lithium batteries and associated equipment. The design forms the basis for RV and Emergency Vehicles with 24-volt engines. A 12-volt system can be adapted from this design. 1234

With large battery capacity and sufficient solar power generation, the system provides all of the electrical power requirement without the need for a generator. Battery charging is supplied by solar and the vehicle engine when underway. The following discussion will target a system with the following characteristics.

  • 7.2 kWh 24-volt lithium battery provides the energy storage for the operation
  • 5,000VA Multiplus inverter charger for all 240-volt electrical power
  • 1,650-watt solar panel charging supplies standing vehicle power
  • 70-amp charging from the vehicle alternator while driving

Such a system may be used to power 240-volt refrigeration, air conditioning, cooking and other household appliances.

The diagram shows the essential Victron components required for a VE.Bus inverter charger system. Outback Marine provides detailed schematics and functional diagrams for specific designs.

DC Power Circuits

A DC circuit breaker panel and negative busbar assembly provide power distribution and protection for all primary circuits. The battery terminals connect to the positive busbar and the shunt. Individual circuit breakers connect power to each load and charging circuit. All negative wires return to a busbar that connects to the load side of the current measuring shunt.

The House DC Circuits block contains the sub-circuit power distribution. A combination of circuit breakers and fuses provide sub-circuit protection. Although most sub-circuit devices are 24 volt rated, some items may only be available in the 12-volt form. A DC-DC converter is employed to provide 12-volt power where required.

House Battery Bank

Two Victron Smart 300 amp-hour 12-volt lithium batteries wired in series supply a total of 7.2 kWh of energy storage. Victron Smart batteries can deliver high continuous loads without the limitation of internal battery management system (BMS) circuits. An external VE.Bus BMS communicates battery health and status to charging and load circuits. Cables connect internal cell monitoring circuits to the BMS. Larger house banks can be built by connecting more batteries in parallel.

The BMS detects low cell voltage, high cell voltage and over-temperature conditions. 

Solar Panels








RV electrical system using Victron Smart Lithium batteries provides house electrical power without a generator.

  • 7.2 kWh lithium battery storage storage
  • 3,000 VA Multiplus inverter charger
  • Solar and engine cross charging