Outback M Series DC Distribution Boards

The Outback M Series DC power distribution boards are designed for caravan, mobile home and industrial automotive applications. They range in functionality from a basic board that contains the essential function of heavy power distribution to application specific boards that add on board components used in certain types of installations.

Common to all boards are the basic DC distribution functions that include a battery switch, fused solar input and 3 fused load circuits for 12 or 24 volt systems. Inverter charger, DC-DC converter and electrical panels connect directly to fused positive and bus bar negative termination points.

This family of boards provide a professional installation to caravan and RV OEM's yet are within the capability of talented DIY owners. They are ideally suited to new and retrofit installations that use either AGM batteries or the new style Lithium Ion batteries with internal BMS (battery management system) capability.

Caravan DC Distribution System

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