95 Series (J180 Mount) Alternators

Balmar 95 Series Marine Alternator

Moderately compact for its generous output curves, the 95-Series features an extra heavy duty stator winding with large gauge wire for added output at low RPM. Combine that with extra large sealed bearings, a massive .875” pulley shaft and high amperage diodes for durability and long alternator life.

The 95-Series alternator features an isolated ground for sure continuity to system ground, and a brawny J-180 style saddle mount for plenty of resistance to twist and torque.

The lower amperage 12 volt unit provides a higher relative output at low RPM making it suitable for higher output at near idle speeds.

  • Isolated Ground Terminal
  • Bidirectional cooling fan.
  • 6,500 RPM maximum rotation speed.
  • Corrosion-resistant powdercoat finish.
  • Meets US Coast Guard Title 33 safety standards.
  • Requires external regulation.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • ShWt. 10 KG
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