Growatt Cable Kit for HOPE 5.5L-A1

The Growatt Cable Kit for HOPE 5.5L-A1 is a comprehensive accessory pack designed to facilitate the installation and connection of the HOPE 5.5L-A1 battery system. This kit is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and secure setup for your energy storage needs.

Kit Components:

  • Battery Brackets: The kit includes 4 battery brackets, providing a sturdy and reliable mounting solution for the battery modules.
  • Screw Bolts and Screws: With 4 screw bolts and an additional 4 screws, the kit offers the necessary hardware to firmly secure the brackets and components in place.
  • SC35-8 Lugs: The 4 SC35-8 lugs in the kit are essential for creating strong, safe electrical connections. These lugs are known for their durability and conductivity.
  • Power Cables: The kit contains 1 red positive power cable and 1 black negative power cable. These are crucial for the proper electrical connection of the battery system, ensuring safe and efficient power flow.
  • Network Cables: Included are 2 network cables, which are vital for integrating the battery system into a network for monitoring, control, and communication purposes.

Ease of Installation:

  • This cable kit is designed for easy and straightforward installation, making it suitable even for those with basic technical skills.

Safety and Compatibility:

  • Each component in the kit is specifically chosen to match the requirements of the Growatt HOPE 5.5L-A1 battery system, ensuring compatibility and safety.

Cable Kit

Item No. Part Name Quantity
1 Battery Bracket 4 pcs
2 Screw bolt 4 pcs
3 SC35-8 lug 4 pcs
4 Screw 4 pcs
5 Power+ Cable 1 pcs
6 Power- Cable 1 pcs
7 Network Cable A 1 pcs
8 Network Cable B 1 pcs
Model # HOPE-5.5L-A1-CABLE-KIT
Brand Growatt

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