Introducing the BR1 Mini: Durable. Unbeatable Price Performance.

Experience the power of a single, remarkable device meticulously engineered for the highest quality build. With a sleek exterior and ruggedized interior, the BR1 Mini is built to thrive in any deployment scenario it encounters.

Stay connected with InTouch, extending your reach to third-party devices seamlessly integrated with the BR1 Mini. View, configure, and troubleshoot these devices remotely, all within the intuitive InControl2 environment, eliminating the need for a separate and costly OOBM infrastructure.

Take control with confidence using the InControl2 cloud-based endpoint management system. Generate insightful reports and push configurations while remotely accessing any Peplink device effortlessly.

Ideal for various use cases including POS Failover, Retail, Branches, Kiosks, IoT, VoIP, Remote Work, and Mobile Vehicles/Utilities, the BR1 Mini offers versatile solutions for your connectivity needs.

Why choose the BR1 Mini?

  1. Remote Access to Third-Party Devices (InTouch):

    • Unlike other solutions that require network engineers for maintenance and can be costly, the BR1 Mini grants access to linked devices through a unified platform.
  2. Seamless Connection Transfer (Hot Failover):

    • While other solutions may experience network interruptions, the BR1 Mini provides uninterrupted network connectivity.
  3. Optional Subscription for Additional Features:

    • Avoid the hassle of licenses or locked features with other solutions. The BR1 Mini offers an optional package inclusive of several valuable features.
  4. Improved Video and Collaboration (Smoothing):

    • Don't let jitter and delays hinder your real-time applications like Zoom and Teams. The BR1 Mini ensures high-quality performance.
  5. Private LTE Network Availability (CAT-7):

    • Operate within LTE bands dedicated to private LTE networks, a capability not found in other solutions.
  6. Privately Hosted Management Platform (On-Premise Network):

    • Manage the BR1 Mini through a platform hosted on private server hardware, providing an extra layer of security and control.

Now Available on PrimeCare:

Launching the BR1 Mini on PrimeCare, giving the device prime access to InControl2, eSIM compatibilities, increased VPN throughput, more PepVPN peers, WAN Activation, Wi-Fi WAN, Hot Failover, Smoothing, and standard warranty & support.

Experience the ultimate plug-and-play device with SpeedFusion Connect. Simply power up, switch on, and get connected. This feature, along with Peplink technologies like Hot Failover, ensures reliable connectivity is accessible at all times.

Upgrade your connectivity experience with the BR1 Mini – where durability meets unbeatable price performance.

Brand Peplink

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