Mobile Off Grid Electrical Systems

Outback Marine offers specialised off grid power systems where the ruggedness and compact solutions developed in the marine environment provide unique capability for demanding off grid applications. High performance Lithium batteries have enabled either complete replacement of generators or significantly reduce generator runtime.

The system works by storing low cost energy obtained from the household grid during the night into a high energy battery bank. During the working day that energy is converted back to 230 volts for use in refrigeration and other appliances. Power from the engine alternator and solar panels can extend the effective time running off grid.

The system design primarily takes into account the maximum and average power of the loads to determine the inverter power rating and the battery bank size. The available roof area is fully occupied with solar panels and a DC to DC charger is used to charge from the engine alternator whenever the engine is running.

Coffee / Food Van Silent Power

Coffee / Food Van Silent Power

Lithium batteries and inverter charger replace an on-board generator for quiet pollution free operation.

  • Lithium batteries provide massive storage capability
  • Multi-charging from grid, solar and vehicle engine
  • Two year genset payback generates extra profit